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Equity Outreach Hotline: (509) 526-6787   |   Special Education/504 Hotline: (509) 526-6770   |   Hotline hours: Mon-Fri - 8am-7pm


Credit Retrieval

  • Dept. Number: 526-8683

Credit Retrieval provides a high quality, flexible curriculum, designed using best practices in education and established research, to help students reach the goal of on-time graduation and prepare them for college, work, and life. Through the Apex Learning web page () students can access their work from anywhere they have internet access and complete their assignments to get back on track for graduation.

Position: Teacher
Phone/Ext.: 509-526-8683

Walla Walla High School

800 Abbott Road 
Walla Walla, WA 99362 
Ph) 509-527-3020
Fx) 509-527-3034

Safety Tipline: 855-976-8772

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